T.M.O.L. To Me

A baby struggles to discover a way
To do what it could not yesterday
Maybe one day it will travel to Mars
Or paint a picture as good as Renoir’s
It sounds unlikely but who’s to say

What is the point of our existence as man
Search yourself and find what you can
Take a trip to a new place within
Believe in whatever, but you to begin
Perhaps Renoir began with a crayon

Let barricades crumble which would keep you apart
From finding solutions to puzzles of heart
Life is a fire that must constantly burn
The world a lesson to continually learn
Waking up is a good place to start

There are plenty of vacancies inside your head
Turn Gilligan off, read Gulliver instead
You may not be the one to find a cure for cancer
But zillions of questions long for an answer
To know enough is like being dead

Sail new waters, travel new roads
Let loose your brain before it implodes
It need not be anything monumental
Choose something foreign for your video rental
A stagnant soul quickly corrodes

Life is merely a series of doors
Entrances to things unseen before
There is an infinite limit to what can be
An endless expanse of possibility
Open your mind and explore