Life just hasn’t gone the way I planned
Believe me, I understand
I feel like I’m just wasting time
I know what you mean, I hear the chime

Why did things turn out like this
I guess something just went amiss
Will things ever be better again
Probably, but who knows when

I don’t want much, just a little bit more
Well, let me know when you find the door
I’m getting by, but you know what I’m saying
Yeah, we’re afraid our minds will start decaying

It’s like a game and I keep losing my turn
Or owning a house and watching it burn
But at least then you’d collect on insurance
Not if it was a daily occurrence

Listen to us, bitching and moaning
Not to mention, kvetching and groaning
Sometimes I think I should just stop complaining
Me too, it’s pretty damn draining

I mean, obviously it could be worse
Yeah, we could be riding in the back of a hearse
Perhaps this doesn’t warrant all the time we give it
After all, it is just life, why not just live it