It isn’t a mineral hidden underground
It isn’t a treasure waiting to be found
It isn’t a train arriving at the station
It isn’t reality taking a vacation

It isn’t a sunbeam turning coldness warm
It isn’t a rainbow following a storm
It isn’t a chicken readying to hatch
It isn’t a candle longing for a match

It isn’t a potion that erases all the doubt
It isn’t a cleanser that washes heartache out
It isn’t a fantasy that suddenly comes true
It isn’t a signal that reveals what to do

It isn’t believing that everything is good
It isn’t achieving everything you could
It isn’t denying the severity of sorrow
It isn’t implying vast improvement tomorrow

It isn’t the gratitude stemming from good health
It isn’t an attitude coming from great wealth
It isn’t the thrill of always looking splendid
It isn’t a skill for which you’re commended

It isn’t a challenge that stimulates your brain
It isn’t a party that dissipates the pain
It isn’t a friend who makes everything all right
It isn’t a lover who kisses you good night

It isn’t a sound that you ever will hear
It isn’t a vision that will ever appear
It isn’t the result of some blessed event
It isn’t anything to any real extent

It is simply a feeling that prevails inside
Emanating from having some pride
In the wonderful person you happen to be
How special you are I wish you could see

So I give to you as you make a new start
A hope for happiness to take hold of your heart
For while you may not feel happy every minute
The world does for having you in it